Feel like a breath of fresh air?

Nick Brown

Your INDEPENDENT Candidate for

West Auckland

Seeking to represent the people of West Auckland, Witton Park, St Helens, Escomb and the surrounding areas who see too little benefit from 100 years of rule in the North East by Labour MPs and Councillors and who want to see positivity return to our wonderful part of the world.

Who I Am

I was born, raised and live in Witton Park near Bishop Auckland, attending school at Etherley Lane Junior and Infants in Bishop Auckland and then Barnard Castle School where I obtained a scholarship, before heading off to Cambridge University to study Law.

Over the course of 25 years I've worked as a Lead Software Consultant for Tech Startups, Management Consultants, Government, Venture Capitalists, Global Software and Consultancy Companies, Telecoms Providers and (New) Media Companies in locations as diverse as New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, India, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA and Canada, as well as across the UK. Most recently I was Chief Technology Officer of a high-profile German blockchain startup as well as founding a number of related software startups.

Before my IT career, I also had stints as a barman (Coopers Inn in Bishop and what was The Otter at Toft Hill), a holiday-rep in Ibiza, a door-to-door encyclopaedia salesman in the US, a legal secretary, a kitchen and bathroom salesman and a landscape gardner.

Having lived and worked all over the world and across a range of industries, means that I have a far greater breadth-of-life experience to draw on than the majority of the “career politicians” currently elected or seeking election.

Since returning a number of years ago to Bishop Auckland I've thrown myself into improving the profile and prospects of the area, whether by volunteering to help local community associations, talking to local businesses about joint ventures and advising a number of local startups, as well as giving talks to students on the subjects of technology and business. I also actively promote Bishop Auckland as a core member of the BA Town Team, as well as the wider area through helping BishopFM. I am Secretary of Witton Park Community Association.

Despite my short time in politics I have a demonstrable record of achieving change in our local community. As Spokesperson for the Save Witton Park Bridge Campaign. After having a vital local resource closed without consultation for over a year, in the space of 3 months we successfully lobbied Durham County Council for the replacement of a vital local resource.

I would describe myself as “honest and a good bloke you’d be happy to have a drink with”.

Where I Stand

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

I don't want to be a politician but I also believe that normal people like you and I are generally forgotten and ignored these days by politicians and the media. Brexit was an example of this. They tried to ignore our vote. That was why I stood for the Brexit Party in the last election, coming third behind the Conservatives and Labour.

In County Durham we have rising Council Tax bills and yet poor roads, infrastructure and value for money. It seems clear that our Council acts to only benefit a few and adopts a secretive and controlling manner to achieve this - I want to end this for the benefit of us all.

What I will do

Contact Me

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Media Appearances

As the Brexit Party candidate in Bishop Auckland at the last General Election, I was invited onto TV quite a bit; here are some of my appearances so you can judge me for yourself.

Look North, 11/9/19

Sunday Politics NE, 29/9/19

Channel 4, 1/11/19

Sunday Politics NE, 3/11/19